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Are you secretly suffering from gum disease? The truth is that as devastating as the disease can become for your oral health, you may be suffering and not even know it. The best ways to spot gum disease is to always be alert for its common signs and symptoms and keep track of how often they appear.

Some common ailments that are linked to gum disease include swollen gums and excessive bleeding. Although bleeding gums could be caused by a variety of disorders or ailments, if you constantly find your gums sore or bleeding, gum disease may be setting in. Other signs include an increase in tooth and gum sensitivity and recurring bouts bad breath.

If you partake in any bad habits, you may be greatly increasing your risk for gum disease. This includes common vices such as smoking and chewing tobacco. Given the effects of these dangerous activities on your health, the disorders tend to become much more severe in a much smaller amount of time. Keep your smile safe by removing bad habits from your life.

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