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All of us at Moore Family Dental love teeth so much that we decided to dedicate thousands of hours of training and our entire careers to them. Why? Because teeth are durable, useful, and fascinating parts of our bodies, and we want every person to take care of them well.

Why are our teeth so amazing?

1. They are your eaters. It’s commonly known that you must eat food to survive, and you need your teeth to eat food. Whether it’s to chewing delicious dinners or munching a light breakfast, your teeth are what makes it happen. Next time you take a bite out of your favorite food, take a second to think about how much your teeth are helping you enjoy it.

2. They are your smilers. Scientific studies everywhere have proven that smiling facilitates a happier and calmer lifestyle. When you smile, your brain releases chemicals that give you a sense of pleasure and stress-relief. Your smile also has the same effect on the people around you, helping them feel calm and trust you more. A smile truly can initiate a lasting, happy, friendship, and your teeth are what make a lasting, happy, smile.

They are your fighters. Though it is true that ancient man and some modern boxers have used their teeth to fight, that is not what we are talking about. We mean that your teeth have created protective covering and utilize armies of white blood cells to keep themselves healthy and intact. The enamel armor on the outside of the tooth is the hardest part of your body, and protects the tooth from hard debris and rough blows. Inside the tooth, in the pulp cavity, blood is moving in and out, and your immune system can work to fight off infection.

There are so many parts to the tooth and all of them are fascinating. Make sure to take care of your pearly whites because you want them to last. Though they are very strong and durable alone, your teeth need your help, so make sure to brush twice and floss once daily. Also, come in for an appointment at our office in Parkersburg, West Virginia. You can schedule one by calling 304-699-0359.