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Are you aware of any unhealthy foods that may exist in your diet? Often times, we immediately associate unhealthy foods with candy, but the truth is that there are several other substances that can put your teeth at risk. Being aware of the different types of substances that can do damage to your mouth and can enable you to take the necessary precautions to protect your smile.

The first type of substance you will need to avoid are those products that are high in acids. Extremely acidic products should not be eaten as frequent snacks. This can include tomatoes and citrus fruits. Acidic products can chew through your tooth enamel if they are not limited. One of the most extremely acidic products on the market today is through sour sweets. Sour candy can have a pH level that is nearly the same as car battery acid.

Along the same line of acidic sweets, you may need to avoid sugary snacks. Products heavily laden in sugar can be converted in your mouth into harmful acids which will chew right through your tooth enamel. Similar to sugars, starchy products and carbs have also been shown to suffer the same fate. This is because plaque and bacteria in your mouth will transform these substances into harmful acids that cause enamel erosion.

Exercise caution with products that are extremely hard. This can include corn on the cob, candy apples, or giant candy canes. In fact, any product that forces you to bite into it can put your teeth at risk for chips, cracks, or even tooth loss. Always exercise caution when biting into any products and you might want to be careful not to bite down too hard.

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