Questions and Answers About Dentures

What do you know about false teeth? Do you know what they're fashioned from or why they're developed? Do you recognize how to take care of them? To support you to wrap your mind around dentures, we've prepared the following information for you. We hope that you find it enlightening.... Read more »

Halloween Tips: Caring for your teeth

Happy Halloween from our spooktacular team at Moore Family Dental. We hope your Halloween season is wonderful and you take the time to make sure your teeth are safe and sound throughout the holiday. If you need additional help with the oral health care, visit us for an oral exam... Read more »

How Cancer Affects Your Oral Health

If you have cancer, you are in for quite the trial. Have you decided that you’re going to come out on top? If so, two things you’ll want to be aware of are how cancer affects your mouth and what you can do to keep it healthy. One of the... Read more »

Correcting Issues That Arise with Medications and Your Smile

Are you taking any medications for ailments within your body? Are you taking any medications to help you deal with any oral health conditions? Regardless of the reason for the medication, be aware that they can potentially lead to further issues with your teeth and gums. As with all conditions... Read more »

Chronic Bad Breath

The bacteria in your mouth can have a significant impact on your oral health, and on your breath. Certain foods can cause bad breath. If this is the case for you, the problem can be dealt with by brushing, flossing, and with the use of a mouthwash. Tobacco and alcohol... Read more »

Your Smile and Dental Floss

Are you aware that your dental floss can play an enormous role in the health of your teeth? Enhance your dental floss to improve your oral health care. By guaranteeing your dental floss or interdental cleaning tools are safe and effective, your risk of tooth decay and gum disease can... Read more »

Advice about Laser Dentistry

Have you ever thought about dental treatments that didn’t involve poking and prodding your mouth with an assortment of dental tools? Since 1994, lasers have been in use for many dental treatments. - Lasers can be used to eradicate mouth lesions and canker sores in your inner gums. - If... Read more »

Treat Bruxism So You Can Sleep Properly

If you suffer from any jaw pain or teeth clenching as you sleep, then you are not alone. Our team here at Moore Family Dental in Parkersburg, West Virginia, takes your oral health care very seriously, which is why we want to talk to you about how to get help... Read more »

A Tooth with a Large Cavity Might Need a Dental Crown

Cavities often form when poor oral hygiene allows the natural bacteria in your mouth to exploit a tooth. This could cause increased sensitivity or a change in color or texture. If you put off having a cavity treated by Dr. Aaron Moore, it could continue to grow and compromise more... Read more »

Teeth Are Amazing!

All of us at Moore Family Dental love teeth so much that we decided to dedicate thousands of hours of training and our entire careers to them. Why? Because teeth are durable, useful, and fascinating parts of our bodies, and we want every person to take care of them well.... Read more »