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Flossing is very important for a top-notch smile and oral health. To help you choose the best flossing tool for your smile, our dentist, Dr. Aaron Moore, is happy to compare water flossers and dental floss. That way you can know the pros and cons of each product and you can select the flosser that’s right for you.

Dental floss
Dental floss has always been a great tool when it comes to cleaning the teeth and gums. It can remove the plaque, food particles, and bacteria on and in the smile. It can help you have top-notch teeth and gums. The only disadvantage of dental floss is that it can harm your gums if you’re not careful while operating it.

Water flossers
Water flossers can clean between your teeth and gums as well. It can spray water into the crevices and along the gums to eliminate the plaque, bacteria, and food particles that reside there. It can help you reduce your chances of suffering major dental issues, especially gingivitis. The disadvantage of this tool is that it can get messy and it can miss some plaque if it is not properly used.

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