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Cancer of any kind is always a high concern, and although oral cancer has a good survival rate for those who are diagnosed early, it should never be taken lightly. If you are not in the habit of monitoring your health, you may miss some initial signs of oral cancer. While our team screens for oral cancer during your regular dental checkups, we encourage you to keep an eye out for these symptoms:

– Swelling, sores and thick patches on the soft tissue: If you notice any new developments in your smile, such as swelling, sore areas, lumps or patches of tissue that look thick, you should have our dentist check them out. These irregularities can occur anywhere in your mouth, such as your lips, tongue, sinuses and throat. However, it is also possible for these symptoms to develop from a cold or sinus infection, which is why you should seek professional counsel if these symptoms persist for more than two weeks.

– Ear pain: Many people don’t realize that ear pain can be a sign that you have oral cancer. If you are suffering from persistent ear pain that doesn’t involve hearing loss and lasts longer than is typical for an ear infection, we encourage you to have your mouth examined by a professional as soon as possible.

– Loose teeth: If you have loose permanent teeth that feel as if they want to fall out even though you maintain a diligent oral health routine, then it’s time to see our dentist. Loose teeth are a definite sign that you can a significant oral health problem.

If you are interested in receiving an oral cancer screening in Parkersburg, West Virginia, or if would like to learn more about early symptoms, call Moore Family Dental today at 304-699-0359 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Aaron Moore.