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Tooth loss can cause many issues for your mouth, including impeding your ability to speak and chew. To help you regain the full function of your smile, we can offer dental bridges in Parkersburg, West Virginia, which are dental appliances made of artificial teeth designed to fill tooth gaps. Here we provide further information about dental bridges and the many benefits they offer.

There are many benefits dental bridges can perform that benefit your smile, such as:

– Restoring function and appearance of missing teeth
– Enabling you to properly speak and eat
– Preventing a facial shape that sags after tooth loss
– Preventing TMJ disorder by maintaining an even bite
– Keeping nearby teeth from shifting around

Placement Process:
First, the neighboring teeth on either side of the tooth gap will have their tooth enamel removed so that they can be covered with dental crowns to anchor the dental bridge in place. We then create and submit impressions of the area to ensure your dental bridge is custom made to fit your mouth well for many years. Finally, the bridge is cemented into place.

Life Expectancy:
Many dental bridges last 10 years or longer, especially if they receive excellent care. Keep in mind that your artificial teeth are not immune to decay. When plaque and food particles accumulate around the dental crowns, the result can be cavities that weaken the hold of the dental bridge.

If you are considering receiving a dental bridge, schedule a consultation with our dentist, Dr. Aaron Moore, by giving us a call at 304-699-0359 today.