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Losing a tooth, especially a large one like a molar, can significantly impair your ability to efficiently chew food. In many cases of tooth loss, a dental bridge can be used to replace the missing tooth. Yet, a rear molar can be somewhat problematic to restore.

Since there isn’t a corresponding tooth behind the rear molar, there is nothing to act as an anchor for a piece of bridgework. In a situation like this, the only viable option might be to have a dental implant installed by Dr. Aaron Moore at Moore Family Dental.

The first step in the process calls for a minimally invasive oral surgery, where a titanium abutment is inserted into the underlying bone structure. This can usually be done in a single outpatient appointment where you will be deeply sedated. You will need to arrange to have someone drive you and help you at home until the sedative effect dissipates.

To install the titanium abutment, your oral surgeon will make a small incision in your gums to gain direct access to the underlying bone. They will then drill a narrow channel to firmly seat it into the bone tissues. Titanium is known to be biologically safe and will eventually fuse to your bones to create a very strong anchor for a crown.

When your gums have healed and the titanium abutment has fully integrated with the surrounding, bone tissues, our dentist can start the process of attaching a standard crown.

If you live in the Parkersburg, West Virginia, area and you need to have a missing molar restored, you should call 304-699-0359 to set up a dental restoration consultation at Moore Family Dental.